Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Reading Stats

So as I was working on my December Wrap Up I was struck by the urge to work out some statistics on things I'd read this year. It's the math major in me... it's a sickness.

Anyway, after poking around at Excel for a bit (and frankly, really enjoying it, because that's who I am) I managed to sort out some really interesting stats about my 2015 reading.

So have some graphs. (And since I read exactly 100 books, the number and percents are the same--which, again, I think is really cool.)

I'm pretty pleased by this split. 60/40 isn't bad, considering I expected to be much more heavily biased towards the YA side of things. I'd like to work on this balance more in 2016 and read more adult as my tastes in YA are getting a bit pickier these days.

This one is probably a little inaccurate, since I only tagged each book with one genre. For those that fit more than one, I tried to use the most predominate features as my deciding factor.

Interestingly, not shown, is my Fiction/Non-Fiction split. Which is 95 Fiction and 5 Non-Fiction. But I figured that would make a pretty boring graph, so.

Goodreads tells me my average rating across the year was 3.3 stars.

 This one might require a bit of explanation--I counted whether I'd read anything by the author before or not for this graph. But only for the first book I'd read by them this year. So there are a few authors I read for the first time this year, but then I went on to read more of their books as the year went on.

I think the highest repeat this year was 5 books by the same author (incidentally, this turned out to be for the No. 6 manga series--five volumes down, four to go!)

The font is sort of blah on this one, but it lists the years in chunks by decade. So 1960-1969, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009, 2010-2015...

I knew I read a lot of more recent releases, but I had no idea I was so heavily biased to the last few years!

The outliers are: Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey (1968) and Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Laceky (1987)

Anyway! As I said, this was really fun. You can also check out My Year In Books via Goodreads if you're interested.

What sort of 2015 stats do you have? Let's chat in the comments!