Monday, 4 January 2016

Monday Mix || Like Weapons

This requires a little bit of explanation, I think.

When I was in high school my friend group made a hilariously disastrous foray into Dungeons & Dragons. None of us really knew what we were doing and the actual roleplaying didn't last long. However, there was a pretty complex storyline behind the campaign that had potential. So one of my best friends started writing book one as a novel.

It's a fairly typical tale: six best friends get magically transported to another world to find out they're the Chosen Ones. And each friend was, naturally, based off of each person in the friend group. There is an evil Empress, a magic school, a doomed mentor figure, a captive prince... and, of course, a lot of love interests.

Listen. We were like fifteen.

For most of high school, we played with this universe, drawing fanart, writing fanfics, making playlists. You name it. And as I was doing some housekeeping over the summer I found some old print outs. Which lead to looking for old word documents. Which lead to me playing with some of my favourite parts of the "down timeline fic" in my head.

Which lead to a fanmix.

Or rather, two fanmixes, but you'll see the next one next week.

And honestly, this is probably one of my favourite mixes I've made ever. (And I'm not just saying that because it's about a character that was based off me.)

I've tried to write a summary for this a few times, but it comes off as really self indulgent. But this is my blog so who cares, right?

These two characters are stubborn and start off on each other's bad sides. There's bickering and fighting, but eventually they fall for each other, only to be torn apart shortly after. We never actually officially wrote the end of the series, and at fifteen I wouldn't have said these two were endgame, but now I really hope that's how it would've turned out.

I've tagged this on 8tracks as: heartbreak, break up, dysfunctional relationship, mutual pining

So if that sounds interesting and all this rambling hasn't scared you off yet, here it is!

Like Weapons