Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Book Haul

I am trying REALLY hard to limit my book buying this year. It's already been a struggle. Book Outlet is calling my name. But I must resist!

The rules I'm trying to hold myself to are as follows:

  • if it's a book I've already read and loved, I'm allowed to buy it
  • if it's a book in a series I'm currently reading, I'm allowed to buy it
  • read 5 buy 1 just because (doesn't include the above categories)
... I'm trying. I really am. My library system is really great, actually. And the inter-library loan process is also quite straightforward. I just have to be patient. Which is tricky. It's also why I'm trying to reserve my read 5 before I buy books for either things I can't get at all through the library or brand new releases I'm impatient about reading.

And to be fair, I ordered all of the books you're about to see here in December. So. (And they also actually conform to my rules?)

Chapters Online
Already Read

All of these were to complete (or get caught up with) series I already owned at least one book of. I had Blue Lily, Lily Blue and In the Afterlight already, for example, and needed their matching hardcover predecessors. And These Broken Stars was the only Starbound novel I didn't have so.

TBR Pile

I read Arrows of the Queen late last year and absolutely adored it. So I knew I needed to complete this trilogy ASAP.

I'm prepared for this restraint to blow up in my face at some point, but for now, we'll see! Maybe I can convince myself to do a library haul to make up for the emptiness...!

Have you read any of these? What books are new to your shelves this month? Let's chat in the comments!