Monday, 11 January 2016

Monday Mix || Distract Our Hearts

Okay, so remember all that explanation from last week? Good, that's the context for this mix too.

Except these are two different characters.

Right at the beginning of the story there's transportation to another world, right? Well, before we were told we were Chosen, we got shipped off to magic school. Not like Harry Potter though, the magic was elemental based and...

Anyway, you don't really care.

One of the characters we meet at magic school becomes the love interest for the character based off my best friend. It's sort of a will-they-won't-they kind of deal that doesn't get a chance to turn into much because destiny awaits and we break out of magic school and leave him behind.

So there's some pining and angst, and who doesn't love that?

There were complicated plans "down timeline" for what happens in between, but there were plans for them to be reunited. Not without complications, of course, but these two are also endgame FIGHT ME.

Anyway! The tags for this are: angst, mutual pining, first love

Distract Our Hearts