Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday Mix || Flyboy: The EP

Continuing with last week's NaNoWriMo theme, I thought it was fitting that I also posted this next mix.

I made this mix for my best friend for her 2009 novel Flyboy. We were both attempting NaNo for the first time that year and actually living in the same city for the first time in forever. Though she didn't quite make the required word count in November, the novel did eventually get finished.

And I was her biggest cheerleader the whole time.

Flyboy works in a universe where superpowers are a thing that some people have. And our hero comes from a rather prestigious line of heroes. However, his only power is that he can fly. There's no super strength or speed or anything like that. He flies. Period.

Hence the moniker: Flyboy.

He starts off as a sidekick for a well known hero in a small town, but eventually wants to break out on his own. But he can't quite seem to shake the name. And if that's not enough, throw in an over-inquisitive journalist and a supervillain... well, then things are just starting to get interesting.

Here's the mix I made her for the novel. I hope you enjoy!

"Feels like I'm at a 7/11 when a robbery takes place
This is not some random nightmare
See for me, well, this is everyday."

(Tracklist after the cut)

i. The New Pornographers - Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
ii. Raine Maida - The Snake and the Crown
iii. Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen
iv. OK Go -It's a Disaster
v. Muse - Map of the Problematique
vi. Jimmy Eat World - Firefight
vii. Editors - The Weight of the World
viii. Owl City - Tidal Wave