Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday Mix || Dead Devotion

Okay, full disclosure here: While I absolutely adore the Dragon Age series with every fibre of my being, I have not actually played through much of Mass Effect.

I tried once! And got stalled and stopped and never tried again. But I have read a lot of spoilers and watched a metric tonne of clips online.

Like all of the Garrus romance ones. And the Kaidan romance ones.

So, I mean, I have a pretty decent idea of the story arcs and plots and what have you.

And oh. You guys. I adore Garrus. (And Kaidan, but shush, this is a Garrus/Shepard mix so.)

This is a post ME3 mix with the tag line: "Garrus is alive. Shepard isn't." So uh. Be prepared for all the feelings.

Dead Devotion