Monday, 8 February 2016

Monday Mix || Hopelessly in Love

I've loved all of Rainbow Rowell's books, so it was no surprise that I picked up her newest, Carry On, pretty much the minute it was released. And it ended up being my hands down favourite book of 2015.

I'd been anticipating Carry On since it was announced, because I'd absolutely loved the world of Simon Snow when it was mentioned in Fangirl. And oh, I just adored the characters and the magic and everything...

But especially Simon and Baz.

As I mentioned in my favourites post, Carry On reads like your favourite fanfic in book form. And Simon and Baz's relationship was just so perfect. I put sticky tabs in my copy of the book and I never do that.

So is it really surprising that after putting the book down I immediately went on the hunt for fanmixes?

(No, no it is not.)

I have a few saved on 8tracks that I really enjoyed, but I'll do my best to spread them out... for now, enjoy this one.

Hopelessly in Love