Saturday, 6 February 2016

Rainbowthon TBR

The Rainbowthon is a readathon happening February 7-14 and is hosted by a number of Booktubers--check out the #Rainbowthon on twitter for more information as well.

The objective is to read books during the week featuring the different colors of the rainbow. You can read 6 differently colored books (we're ignoring indigo because who cares), 6 books with all the same color, or double up on a few colors to make the challenge a bit easier.

I've got a TBR picked out, but I only chose 4 books because I doubt I can read more than that in a week. I went with a yellow/orange spine theme as well... take a look at the books below!

I'm hoping I can read all of them during the week. I flew through the previous books in the series by Mercedes Lackey and Rachel Bach, so I figure those will be easy to knock off the list. The other two I have no idea. They just fit the theme and I've been meaning to read them.

So! That's the plan. Are you participating in Rainbowthon? Feel free to send me your TBR links and let's chat in the comments!