Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday Mix || 100 Driving Songs

It's time for another 8tracks mix that I didn't make, but have been listening to a lot lately.

I found this one completely by accident. I was listening to a fanmix (surprising no one) and I didn't realize that it was over. If you've never used 8tracks before, it gives you about 10 seconds after the end of a mix to choose what to do next. If you do nothing, it loads the next mix in a "similar mixes" queue or another one by the same user.

By the time I realized I'd moved on to another mix, I was already a few tracks in.

Which is when I saw the title: 100 Driving Songs.

That's right, this mix is 100 tracks. It clocks in at just over 6 hours. "100 upbeat, feel good jams." I'm no where near done it yet, but it has not disappointed me yet.

Hopefully you enjoy it too.