Saturday, 12 July 2014

BookTubeAThon TBR

So the second annual BookTubeAThon is happening next week from July 14-20. And though I don't vlog, I'm still definitely participating. (If you want more information, you can check out their Twitter or Youtube.)

There are a number of reading challenges running, so I thought I'd post my TBR plans for the week. I'm hoping to get around to everything... but we'll see. I'm also hoping this will be a much needed distraction from all the house hunting insanity that's going on in my life right now.

Locke & Key volume 1 by Joel Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez
This will complete two challenges: read a book with pictures and read a book with red on the cover.
I picked this up at Comic Expo back in April and I've been meaning to read it. I figure it'll be nice to break up some of the marathon reading with a graphic novel!

Ship Breaker & The Drowned Cities by Paolo Gacigalupi
This will complete the challenge: start and finish a series.
I own Ship Breaker and have had it on at least 2 other readathon TBRs this past year. It's time to get to it. I'm going to have to pick up The Drowned Cities from the library, but that should be fine. I figured might as well read a duology for this challenge and keep it simple!

Dead Iron (Age of Steam #1) by Devon Monk
This will complete two challenges: read a book that someone else picks and read a book from a genre you've read the least from this year.
I haven't read a lot of alternate history type books this year, so I picked three from my shelf and posted them online asking my Facebook friends and Twitter followers to weigh in on what I should read. Dead Iron had the most votes, so there we go!

The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle
This will complete the challenge: read a book and then watch the movie adaptation.
Somehow I completely missed out on The Last Unicorn during my childhood. I have no idea how that happened! But I went with some friends at Comic Expo in April to meet Peter S Beagle and I bought a copy of the book to have him sign. And then I'll find myself a copy of the movie and finally see what I've been missing.

The only challenge left is to read 7 books and/or an average of 300 pages/day during the week. We'll see how the week goes, but I do have a few other graphic novels that I could sneak in to try and round this up to 7 books. I also just picked up Rainbow Rowell's latest, Landline and am dying to read it. So that might make an appearance during this readathon as well.

Are you participating in the BookTubeAThon? Link me to your TBRs! Any thoughts about my list? Let's chat in the comments!