Sunday, 27 December 2015

Holiday BookTubeAThon TBR

The Holiday BookTubeAThon is happening from December 27-29 and I need to get in on some last minute reading, so I thought I'd participate. I watch and comment on enough BookTube videos anyway, so why not?

This year there are four challenges:
  1. Read a book with white on the cover
  2. Read a follow up to something you enjoyed
  3. Read a gift
  4. Read three books
Here's a list of some books I'm planning on choosing from to read over those three days. We'll see if I even remotely stick to this TBR or not! (All the covers are linked through to Goodreads if you're interested!)

I've picked a few graphic novels to give myself some quick options. I've had all these on my shelf for some time now, and it's time to get to them!

The first two here are short and should hopefully be easy to get through. Their Fractured Light is the book I'll probably end up reading though, because I am so pumped to finally have it in my hands. There was a lot of squealing and clutching it close to my chest when I unwrapped it yesterday morning.

Between these options I should be able to cover all the challenges... probably. I doubt I'll manage three books in three days, unless I decide to pick up all the graphic novels, but we'll see!

Are you participating? What books do you want to get to before the new year? Let's chat in the comments!