Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nine Circles of Hell Book Tag

All right, it's time for another book tag! I saw this randomly on Youtube and thought it looked fun, so let's give it a shot. The original is here.

1.What book series have you read the first book, but have not made the decision to finish the rest?
Oh, so many. I have a "series-dropped" shelf on my Goodreads. But hm, let's pick something interesting...

How about the Kate Daniels series by Illona Andrews? I read book 1 and thought it was okay, but it was a little too much: "look, a strong female character look how strong and female she is, she totally fights all the time and hates everything" and UGH. Exhausting. Can we not?

2.What book do you not own, that you can not wait to get your hands on.
I would probably commit homicide over a copy of Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. Especially since the cover reveal. I hope it has black edged pages like Six of Crows.

3. What book or series could you read over and over and never get your fill?

Forever and ever and ever amen.

4. What book do you need multiple copies of even though you own enough of them?
... Oops, Rainbow Rowell strikes again. I have two editions of Fangirl, will likely by another edition of Eleanor & Park at some point and will definitely buy future editions of Carry On.

5. What book did you hate and would never recommend?
I have a "dont-bother" shelf on Goodreads as well. But let's pick something I'm particularly salty about.

... I sort of want to mention Ready Player One by Ernest Cline again. But I've done that recently. And it's not that I actively hated it, because I didn't. It had it's moments. I just am bitter about what could've been and get irrationally sour when people rave about it.

Oh I know! Let's talk about Moth by Daniel Arenson instead. What a piece of garbage. The best summary of this is another one star review from Goodreads: "This book features characters you won't care about and conflicts that are contrived."

6. What book or series got really low ratings or that most people despised, but you LOVED?
I tend to not swing this way that often.

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson has a 3.66 average rating, but I adored it. But that's about as close as we get to really different opinions.

7.What dystopian book or series had the most violent society in your opinion?
I mean, this is really just trying to pick between evils.

I'm going to mention the No. 6 manga because there are some really graphic depictions of bodies, with the main characters actually needing to literally climb a mountain of corpses to escape.

8. What book did the cover or synopsis not truthfully depict the story?
I'm just going to sit in my corner and be forever bitter about how More Than This by Patrick Ness turned out. Like, damn son, commit to your genre already. This would've been so much more compelling without all the sci-fi nonsense--and that's coming from someone who usually loves sci-fi nonsense.


9. What book series did the protagonist start off strong but grew weaker as time went on?
The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan.

This started off really well. There was a cool fight scene and as we started exploring the world and mythos, I thought I'd end up enjoying this. But it derailed for me at some point. Probably when Morgan started liberally tossing the word "f*ggot" around.

Look, I picked this up for queer fantasy. For once could we just not with the world where your protagonist is gay, but it's not acceptable for that to be the case? Also, none of parts with regards to Ringil's sexuality were handled very well, in my opinion. It was like he was gay for shock value and nothing else. (I'm not finishing this series either, in case that was unclear.)

And there you have it! What did you think of the tag? Have you read any of these? What would your answers look like? Let's chat in the comments!