Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday Mix || stay eighteen forever

We're going to continue the sort of nostalgia theme this week with this next mix. Because this is another mix that I just adore.

All the songs are circa the early 00s and just make me remember what it felt like to be 18 (and a little older) and listening to these songs. They transport me back to the halls of high school and through my early days of university.

As the mix says:
the pop-punk soundtrack to an adolescence full of converse shoes, band t-shirts, and black eyeliner.
This music was such a huge part of my life in the early 00s. I went to a lot of concerts while I was at university. I took the 2 hour Greyhound ride up to the nearest major centre and got bruised in the mosh pit. I slept on friend's couches and in the back seat of their car. I got back into town past 2am and still got up the next morning to go to class. I wiped mud off my shoes from Warped Tour and screamed along to the lyrics despite them threatening to end the set early due to a tornado warning.

This was the formative soundtrack of my early adulthood. It makes me super nostalgic.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!