Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fanmix || The Truth Has Made Me Blind

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled book blogging for a fanmix.

But it's a book-related fanmix, so that counts, right?

Back in the land of 2011, when LiveJournal was still a thing I used semi-regularly, I read Feed by Mira Grant. If you're not familiar with Feed, it's a political thriller disguised as a zombie novel featuring journalists. Which makes the title both a snappy pun about journalism and zombies. It was easily one of my favourite books from 2011.

It left me itching to make a fanmix after I finished it, so I posted the following mix on my LJ. I figured I could cross post it here 3 years later because hey, some of you might be interested!

That said, if you haven't read this book, the mix has INCREDIBLE SPOILERS for the end. So. Uh. Yeah.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

(Follow the cut for track information, my reasoning behind the song choices and EPIC SPOILERS.)

Our Lady Peace - A Story About A Girl
(Georgia; general)

I know it's stuck inside your head
You're alone, you better get used to it
And I know the feeling has to end
You're strong, it sucks you in again
And you're lost, you can't make any sense
This world it tears you limb from limb
And hold on, you're nothing but the best

- - -

SR-71 - Truth
(Georgia; being a Newsie, searching for the truth)

Blood and dust have changed all the colors in my mind
Black has made me see but the truth has made me blind
To the fears
To the lies
They were here
All the time

- - -

Matchbook Romance - You Can Run, But We'll Find You
(Georgia; seeking answers after all the disasters on the campaign trail)

Have you been keeping secrets from me?
Hoped I wouldn't find out
And you'd just go free
There's a whole world outside your window pane
And I've got scars to prove it
But you should have known

Run, you can run, you can run
We'll find you

- - -

Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
(Georgia; general, and zombies)

I don't wanna be ignored, oh god,
When I'm a gun in a fistfight.
You're chewing with an open mouth, raw meat,
Your blood drool attracts the flies.

I give a little to you, I give a little to him, I give a little to her

- - -

My Chemical Romance - House of Wolves
(Tate; his conspiracy)

You better run like the devil,
'Cause they're never gonna leave you alone
And as the blood runs down the walls,
You see me creepin' up these halls.
I've been a bad motherfucker
Take this to my grave

- - -

Snow Patrol - Ways & Means
(Georgia; writing her last blog post after being infected)

Getting too busy to make amends
I should try to make it right
Are you ready for the shit to hit
I think you say you are but aren't
I've waited here my whole damn life
And I've forgotten what I wanted
I never knew the taste of blood till now
It's clear I never should have known

- - -

The Bravery - This Is Not The End
(Shaun; denial and coming to terms with Georgia's death)

Come on tell me what you can
Even as you wait for death you're wiser than I am
Tell me what does it mean to exist
I don't care what you believe
As long as you are in my heart
You're just as real as me
Maybe even more
Someone has touched so many lives
Can never never die

- - -

The National - Anyone's Ghost
(Georgia; to Shaun)
And walk through
The Manhattan valleys of the dead

Didn't want to be your ghost
Didn't want to be anyone's ghost
I had a hole in the middle
Where the lightning went through it
Told my friends not to worry

- - -

Stabbing Westward - Falls Apart
(Shaun; rage after Georgia's death and killing Tate)

This is where it falls apart
I feel helpless as my fucking world
Comes crashing down
Crashing down on me

- - -

Brand New - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
(Shaun; moving on, or trying to)

If it makes you less sad
I will die by your hand
I hope you find out what you want
I already know what I am