Monday, 23 December 2013

Welcome to Unlucky Primes

I've had the idea of starting a blog sitting around in the back of my mind for some time now. And since the Christmas holidays are upon us, there wasn't really any better time to mess around with setting something up.

This will be a multi-purpose blog, as you likely gathered from the header up top--this is mostly because I didn't want to limit myself to only posting about one topic. We'll see if and when this backfires on me spectacularly and this blog just devolves into chaos and haphazard posting. But for now, we'll give it a try.

So. I'd venture a guess that you're interested in knowing a few things about what will be going down around these parts. Look no further than the cut below to read all about the planned posts and a little bit about myself.

The blog:

Unlucky Primes will be home to a variety of types of posts (again, mostly because I couldn't make up my mind) including:
  • book reviews
  • book hauls
  • to be read/watched
  • currently reading/listening/watching
  • recommendations
  • recipes
  • general geekery
  • education

The blogger:

I'm a late-twenty-something year old who has had an online presence for just about half my life. I have always had eclectic interests and tastes, hence the multi-purpose blog.

I am a Math teacher by trade, but have taught a variety of subjects in my career. I'm currently teaching middle school and have a lot of opinions about education.

I love to read, write, play video games, watch movies and bake. I expect the majority of my posts will be somewhere along these lines. I love to share my passions and love giving and receiving recommendations.

I am also an all-around self-proclaimed geek. So expect nerdy jokes, pop culture references and memes abound.

The name: 

Originally, I came up with this name as the title of a novel for Camp NaNoWriMo back in 2011. It was a piece of historical fiction inspired by Sophie Germain--featuring a young woman writing under a male nom de plume in order to have her mathematical works taken seriously.

... It was a terrible novel.

But I've always loved the name. I did a lot of digging around online about special types of numbers and primes before stumbling upon the concept of Lucky Numbers. The name idea sort of spiralled out from there. (And hey, it could be worse, I could've chosen Sexy Primes or something.) 

For this blog, I toyed with the idea of a play on words revolving around the number 7 as well. (Not only one of my favourite numbers, but it also meets the requirements for several different classifications of prime... and well, I may have gotten carried away reading its Wikipedia page.) 

But eventually, I decided to recycle my novel title into something that might get a bit more use. And well, I guess we'll see, won't we?


Feel free to comment below or hit me up in any of the following ways:
I can't wait to share and chat with anyone who happens to end up in my corner of cyberspace. (Be sure to let me know how you found your way here in the first place. I'm curious!)