Friday, 1 April 2016

February/March Book Haul

Okay, so I bought a lot of books. But they all still fit my book buying rules, so I only feel a little guilty. And, to be fair, I've actually read quite a few of these already, so there isn't a huge addition to my TBR pile.


Honor's Knight and Heaven's Queen are books 2 and 3 in the the Paradox trilogy. I've read book 2 already and am planning in started the third book soon. I'd highly recommend this series if you like science fiction!

Truthwitch and Passenger were both January new releases, and I bought them as my "just because" books for having read 5 (though really 10, since there's two of them) before I bought 1. I really want to get to them soon, I don't know why I haven't yet!


Originally I'd read Captive Prince and Prince's Gambit from the library, but after book 2 I knew I needed to buy the trilogy. I read Kings Rising basically in one sitting the day it arrived in my mailbox and I regret nothing.

Another library read, but I devoured the first three books pretty much back-to-back. And then decided that I adored these characters so much I needed to own the books for myself. I'm glad I caved and bought them too, because it looks like my library went on a serious purge after I was done with the first two books and have removed them from circulation!

Glimpses is a short story collection set in the same universe. I bought the ebook version of it, but figured that was worth including here!

These two were my next read 5 buy 1 acquisitions. Though I'm still waiting on The Next Together because I ordered it from the Book Depository and who knows when it will arrive.

So all in all, yeah, a few books. But! Only like 5 of them are currently unread, so? That's like a win, right? And hey, I did stick to my rules!

I did a count on my bookshelf of the books I've acquired since Christmas and I've read 60% of them already. Which... might not seem like something to brag about, but I'm actually really proud of myself! I usually buy and buy and buy and let the poor books languish on my shelves for far too long. So this is progress!

What books have you bought or read recently? Let's chat in the comments!