Thursday, 2 October 2014

September Book Haul

With the acquisition and assembly of my new bookshelves for my new place, it was only really a matter of time before I bought a ton of new books to go on it!

This month totals 15 books, but because I bought these either second hand or through BookOutlet, it didn't do that big of a dent in my finances.


Value Village
Already Read

This is the second copy of The Book Thief that I've purchased. I loaned my original copy to a friend and don't have any idea when I might see it again. So I bought another copy to have. It'll end up in my classroom library if I get the original back.

And though I usually only buy books I really loved, I decided to get The Knife of Never Letting Go because I feel as though I ought to give it another try. We'll see!

TBR Pile

Two second books in a series I already have the first books for, and two first books in a series I've been meaning to read. How can you say no at bargain prices?

Already Read

I read Elsewhere earlier this year and basically did not stop crying throughout it. So I knew I had to own it. And I impulse bought the first two books of The Grisha trilogy in hardcover because a) they were cheap b) I actually don't care that much for the paperback version of Siege and Storm and c) I want to round the collection off with Ruin and Rising stat. So the old paperback I have of Shadow and Bone goes to my classroom library.

TBR Pile

Oops. Yeah, I kind of went overboard here. But they were all so cheap and I needed some retail therapy okay? I'm probably the most excited for Old Man's War because I loved Redshirts by John Scalzi and have been meaning to read his other work.

So that's that haul! Have you read any of these? What did you think? Any good book purchases this month? Let's chat in the comments!